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Are you building a chimney? SP DUMTRA (small partnership) will help you.

We sell metal chimneys, chimney parts, inserts and other construction or necessary parts. Besides we provide the most attractive prices on the market!

Please contact us right now and we will share our experience about construction of the chimney for your home.

SP “DUMTRA” is an enthusiastic, youthful and constantly growing company, which employs only experienced professionals. The company’s main goal is metal chimneys (stack of presents) chimney liners and various other parts which we maintain and will repair.

Why SP “DUMTRA” specialists are better than the others?

  • Prices are affordable according the needs and capabilities. Our company’s chimneys are divided into three main types of complete set for different sizes and needs of the house that is: “Economy”, “Optimal” and “Maximum”.

  • Professional counseling is free of charge over the phone or in working area; we will come on working days or weekends and will find the right way from the most difficult situations. Our advice will help you choose specific solutions. Furthermore, customer request will be responded suitable for him.

  • SP “DUMTRA” are selling chimney stacks that are certified products and are confirmed by the standards of EU. The qualities of the products are the highest.

  • Our qualified chimney installation experts will carry out the professional work with fast and efficiently services. We guarantee it.

  • We have built chimneys for more than 1000 customers and have experience and professionalism not only theoretically. These works have proved that we are reliable building partners not only for home owners or construction companies, but for professionals too.

SP “DUMTRA” employees will give their energy and time for the highest quality to complete your project as our uniqueness is the biggest advantage.

We are offering attractive prices in the market. Please do not hesitate to contact us now!

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