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Order pre-fabricated chimney right now and we will sell it with a profitable discount for you.

Pre-fabricated chimneys (or metal chimneys) are the double-skinned insulated chimneys, which consist of two inner and outer pipes. The inner tube is made of acid-resistant stainless steel 316L 1,4404 qualities. Our advice of picking up the outer tube (shell) would be from the choice of several kinds of metals: such as glossy stainless steel, hot-powder- painted galvanized steel (by the RAL color palette), only galvanized steel, hot-powder- coated stainless steel (RAL color palette) or it can be chosen by other available versions.

Between inner and outer tubes there are thermal insulation and mineral wool layer reinforced with wire mesh (the packing of wool). This thermal insulation protects the chimneys from sudden cooling trap, heat, improves the air traction. These chimneys can be mounted to the outer wall or inside the building. There are used only reliable and certified materials.

Pre-fabricated chimneys are used for already built homes, where owners wish to install a high-quality heating system. Usually pre-fabricated chimneys do not encounter for new homes, it depends from the local boiler place in the house. Typically, new construction homes are installed with masonry chimney systems.

We offer:

  • The highest quality of pre-fabricated chimneys and their complete parts. Production and assembly processes that are used with most advanced technology.

  • Professional installation services with qualified and motivated employees who has many years of working with chimney liner systems experience.

  • Free of charge advices by phone and on working area near your house. This will definitely safe your time and money and as professionals we will do everything properly. We have many years of experience and we are not afraid to share it with our clients.

  • Attractive chimney liners prices in the market.

  • Long-term guarantees for chimneys, liners and their parts.

Appropriate approach to your home chimney and comprehensive concern. We are confident that our work depends on the safety of your house. There are many shortcomings for the old brick chimneys, which are removed with the pre-fabricated chimney liners which prevent from possible fire soot and the consequences are usually disastrous. Please do not risk your home safety and order our high-quality, low-cost liners for the chimneys.

If you are willing to know about the price of chimney liners, please do not hesitate and contact us right now by email or by phone.

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